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Sirius GT Menu - click to enlargeSirius GT Construction Accounting for Windows is our flagship product that follows a tradition of construction software development which began more than twenty (20) years ago with accounting software designed specifically for the construction industry.

With Sixteen (16) fully integrated applications, Sirius GT is one of the leading providers of Windows based Construction Management Software.

Construction companies need to know if they are making money or not. The primary concerns of a construction company are job cost, payroll and estimating. Do you know if your current software is providing you with the information you need?

Construction accounting requires a true real-time job cost. Sirius GT Construction Accounting for Windows has you covered with emphasis on ease of use, attention to details and innovative designs, such as Management Overview & Analysis, helping you keep on top of accounting information management.

The Job Cost module brings together the contract, estimate, expenses, billings, and purchases (committed) from all facets of the Sirius GT Construction Accounting system into a database for reporting and control. Job cost detail may be input directly into the Job Cost application or be posted automatically from the interfacing modules of the Sirius GT Construction Accounting.

The Payroll module is a complete construction accounting payroll system that provides you with easy input; comprehensive reporting including union and benefit reports, labor distribution, and quarterly and annual tax reports; checks; and complete multi-year history of checks and input. Multiple pay frequencies (weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly) can all be processed during one run. The Payroll application easily handles multiple pay rates, prevailing wages, multiple state taxes, multiple local taxes, special pay, standard deductions, and special deductions for each employee. And of course, it will print the 941 and W2's as well as handle direct deposit.

The Estimating module is designed for quick and accurate assembly of all aspects of a project into a complete bid. When you receive the contract, the estimate can be automatically transferred to Job Cost and Item (AIA) Billing applications.

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Sirius GT™ (ver 6.4) was awarded Sirius GT - Construction Accounting SoftwareSirius GT - Construction Accounting SoftwareSirius GT - Construction Accounting SoftwareSirius GT - Construction Accounting SoftwareSirius GT - Construction Accounting Software out of 5 stars by CPA Software News.

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