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The Sirius Accounts Payable application provides control of your payments by vendor and by job to keep you on top of your cash flow. Extensive monthly reports maintain the necessary detail and history to enhance management of your payables and satisfy audit requirements.

On-line inquiry into paid and unpaid invoice give you complete control over your payables. On-line selection of what to pay makes check writing easy. Vendors are maintained separately from suppliers in Purchase Order, but may be extracted from the Purchase Order module.


Vendor management and purchase history
Transfer from/to Accounts Receivable
Detail history by Vendor, Job Number, or Check Number
Automatically update other Sirius GT applications if interfaced
Place an invoice on hold


Vendor Number - 5 alpha/numeric
Invoice Number - 10 characters, right justified
Number of invoices - unlimited
Number of entries per invoice - unlimited
Check History - limited only by disk space
Vendor name & address - 4 lines of 40 characters
AP Check - click to enlarge
AP Check
click to enlarge


Vendor maintenance
Invoice input
Change/delete input
Input edit listing
Job distribution
General ledger account distribution
Item distribution
Purchase order distribution
Recurring payable entry


On-line inquiry of unpaid - summary and detail
Detail aging by vendor or job
Summary aging by vendor or job
Unpaid vendor worksheet by vendor, job, or pay-date
Cash flow analysis by vendor or job
Split invoice for partial payment
Place invoice on hold so it cannot be paid accidentally


Pay by vendor, job or pay-date
On-line selection - summary and detail
Checks with remittance advice
Check register
Detail check analysis
Paid job distribution
Waiver of Lien


Detail monthly paid by vendor
Summary monthly check register
Job distribution by entry
Job distribution by check paid
Summary general ledger account distribution
Detail general ledger account distribution
Purchase order distribution
Item distribution
Sales tax for direct-pay permit or sales tax paid to vendors
Monthly unpaid detail - for any month
Monthly unpaid aging - for any month


Vendor lists
Year-to-date paid
Vendor master file detail
Purchase list by vendor for month
Vendor mailing labels
Year-end 1099 listing
Prints 1099's
Detail paid history inquiry by vendor, job or check
Detail or summary paid history reports
Calendar & fiscal year-to-date paid