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Sirius Accounts Receivable keeps your company on top of invoices and cash receipts with an open-item accounts receivable. A complete sales history lets you inquire into any invoice and provides detail or summary sales analysis or commission reports.

On-line updating as you enter each transaction or post each invoice batch gives you an up-to-the-minute accounts receivable balance, monthly sales, aging, and inventory on-hand. Comprehensive monthly and history reporting provides you with a secure audit trail and excellent customer or item history. Customer information such as average days to pay, average invoice balance, and sales by month give you the facts you need.


Timely receivables billing = more profit
Transfer from/to Accounts Payable
Summary and Detail Invoice history
Retainage tracking
Automatically update other Sirius GT applications if interfaced
Ability to send statements as Email attachments with an active internet connection


Customer Number - 8 alpha/numeric
Invoice Number - 8 characters, right justified
Number of invoices - unlimited
Number of entries per invoice - 290
Invoice History - limited only by disk space
Customer Name - 35 characters
Customer Address - 2 lines of 35 characters, plus city, state, zip
Customer Contact - 35 characters


Customer maintenance
Maintain numerous additional ship-to addresses
Sales & cash receipt input
Lump sum cash receipts
Free-form invoicing
Point of sale invoicing
Checks credit limit during invoicing
Sales & cash receipts journals
Orders/invoices generated in order entry can be posted to accounts receivable
Supports multiple sales accounts, each with related cogs and tax accounts


Calculate finance charges
Print statements in standard format or as mailers
Monthly sales & cash receipts
Monthly detail by customer, item, account, job, or salesperson
Customer master list
Monthly sales tax summary by state and local
Summary aging report
Detail aging by invoice
Detail sales history by job, item, salesperson, or customer
Aging report as of any period


Customer inquiry
Customer name & address list
Customer master list
Open invoice inquiry
Invoice history inquiry
Invoice history report
Detail sales history inquiry
Detail sales history report
Customer aging inquiry
Customer aging report
Customer analysis report
Variety of sorting options with inquiries & reports:
Customer, Salesperson, Job, Inventory Item, General Ledger Account,
Cycle Code, Mail-Sort Code, Invoice, Order Number (if from Order Entry)
Customer search function
Customer mailing labels
Sales Commission report
Inquiry by job within customer


Year-to-date sales by customer
Previous two years' sales by customer
Sales history reports and inquiry for any date for as long as history is stored