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Sirius Estimating is designed for quick and accurate assembly of all aspects of a project into a complete bid. When you receive the contract, the estimate can be automatically transferred to Sirius Job Cost and Item (AIA) Billing applications. Sirius Estimating is designed around the estimating database, which you can build manually, load from your Sirius Inventory, or load from one of several supported pricing services. Using the database, you can build and update item assemblies (bill of materials) to speed the creation of an estimate.

The takeoff (estimate input/update) is on-line and enables you to enter items, call in assemblies, or select items from the database with ease. Costs are controlled by labor, material, and four other user defined cost types within each phase of the project. Labor rates, labor fringes, taxes, overhead and profit are automatically calculated for each item. Estimate templates can also be set up to be called in and modified as needed.

Multiple estimators are handled within Sirius Estimating and each estimators' projects are kept separate while all have access to the common database and assemblies.


Build Phases by Units or Detail items (take-off)
Easy build of Estimate with line item or assembly database take-off
Transfer to Sirius GT Job Cost for budgets and audit trail costing
Transfer to Sirius Item (AIA) Billing
Import many databases with item cost and labor factor


Job Number - 5 alpha/numeric
Phase Number - 6 alpha/numeric
Cost Category - Labor plus 5 user-defined
Number of Jobs (Estimates) - limited only by disk space
Number of Phases per Job (Estimate) - limited only by disk space
Number of Detail Entries per Phase - limited only by disk space
Assembly - 5 alpha/numeric
Number of Assemblies - limited only by disk space
Database Item - 10 alpha/numeric
Number of Database Items - limited only by disk space


Select estimate to work on by estimator
On-line takeoff of estimate:
Input new items
Change and delete items
Call in assemblies with quantity and labor adjustment control
Modify assemblies after call
Multiple line-item takeoff from database
On-screen calculator function
Go to specific line items and change data (quantity, item, price, etc.)
Summary input by phase
Search function


Select assembly from list or create new assembly
On-line add, change, delete with full-screen cursor movement
Database lookup function
Print one or all assemblies
Update assembly costs from database
Copy a previous assembly


Estimate summary inquiry by:
Drawing/reference number
Phase number
Item number
Estimate summary report by:
Drawing/reference number
Phase number
Item number
Estimate detail report by:
Drawing/reference number
Phase number
Item number
To-order worksheet for quotes, buy-outs, and inventory issues


Database maintenance
Transfer estimate to JOB COST
Transfer estimate to ITEM BILLING
Transfer estimate to another company
Copy a previous estimate or estimate template
Transfer inventory to/from database
Import database from pricing services