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General Ledger/Bank Recon
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Sirius General Ledger consolidates all your financial information from your other Sirius applications into one area with complete audit trails and flexible report and statement generation. General Ledger can be integrated to other Sirius applications to provide a complete solution for your accounting and auditing requirements, or can be run by itself. Your Sirius Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Equipment Control modules interface to General Ledger to automatically post your credit and debit accounts.

Sirius Bank Reconciliation enables you to monitor and control, on a daily basis, up to 15 bank accounts per company, maintaining your account balances, check detail, deposits and miscellaneous transactions. Reconciliation with your bank statement is made easy with the on-line transaction check-off. Integrate Bank Reconciliation with Sirius Payroll and Accounts Payable to automatically post all checks written, and with Sirius Accounts Receivable to post deposits.


Multi-Company Consolidation
Flexible User defined financial report formats
Date Sensitive - Enter transactions for multiple months, years
Accepts input automatically from other Sirius GT applications
Bank Balance and easy bank reconciliation



Account Number - 4 numeric (with Departments), 7 numeric (without Departments)
Department - 3 numeric
Maximum Open Periods - 24
Make Adjustment to a Closed Year
Post Entries to Future Periods
999 Statement Formats
9999 Lines per Statement Formats


Maintenance & listing of chart of accounts
Current journal entry, editing & posting, with edit list & journal
Recurring transaction entry for permanent & variable recurring journal entries, with edit list & journal
Automatic generation of counter balancing entries
Automatic distribution of an entry to multiple accounts


Up to 13 accounting periods
Supports multiple departments
Account inquiry in detail within specified date range
Reports sorted by journal or sort code
Total year transaction detail
Year-end procedure:
Updates accounting periods
Clears general ledger
Creates balance forward transactions
Zeros profit & loss accounts
Make entries, post and print statements for any period for current, previous or next year


Reports available for month, quarter, year or any other specified period
Trial balance in summary or detail
General ledger worksheet
Flexible user-defined financial statements
Income statement
Balance sheet
Supporting statements
Budget or comparative statements with ratio variance
User-defined notes, disclaimers, transmittal letters, etc.
Automatic creation of standard balance sheet profit & loss statement



Maximum of 15 Bank Accounts
Unlimited entries per Bank Account


On-screen inquiry of current balances
On-screen inquiry of transactions by account and date
Detailed reconciliation report showing adjusted and actual balances
Detail report of all transactions by account and date range