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Sirius Item (AIA) Billing is designed expressly for contractors and sub-contractors. It has the capability to produce a progress type billing detailing the percent complete for each item (phase) of the project, or an item billing (similar to the American Institute of Architects [AIA] billing format) which details each item (phase) by quantity in place.

Features include the ability to track original contract, billed to date, change orders pending, change orders approved, stored materials, units or percent of work complete, retainer, and previous amount billed.

Billings can be manually created, or automatically generated from Sirius Estimating. As each billing is finalized, the amount and retainer is posted to Sirius Accounts Receivable (which is required to run Sirius Item Billing). Through Accounts Receivable the billed amount will interface to Sirius Job Cost and General Ledger.


Prints AIA G702 and G703 billings
Prints other optional billings - progress, stored materials
Track Change Orders - approved and pending
Feeds Sirius GT Accounts Receivable


Billing Identifier (Job) - 5 alpha/numeric
Items per Billing - 6 alpha/numeric - limited only by disk space
Change Orders per Billing - Unlimited
60 character Billing Description
Address/Labels for Owner, Architect, and 8 additional name and addresses


Item Billing header set up and maintenance
Ability to initially load the billing from Sirius Estimating
Item Estimate Maintenance
Current Work Performed Input
Current Stored Material Input
Transfer retainer to billing
Transfer stored material retainer to billing
Change input and reprint as many times as necessary before posting to Accounts Receivable


Change order maintenance tracked by individual item
Ability to approve all or parts of a change order
Track change orders as approved or pending


Summary inquiry
Detail inquiry
Change order inquiry
Summary billing listing
Item billing master file listing
Detail item billing
Current work performed worksheet
Current stored material worksheet
Print mailing labels


Post units completed to Job Cost for AIA type billing
Post percent completed to job cost for progress billings
Retainage can be calculated on an item-by-item basis
Item billing can be printed with or without stored materials
Print Item Billing with units
Print AIA format billing