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The Sirius Inventory Control application is designed to perform all functions relating to the control of inventory items. Purchase orders update on-order inventory, and receipts can be entered through either Sirius Purchase Order or Accounts Payable. Orders in process from Sirius Order Entry update committed inventory.

Inventory Control provides automatic pricing and costing of materials for invoices issued through Sirius Order Entry, Accounts Receivable, or Service Manager.


Multi-Location capable - use the location field for location, lot, bin, etc.
Enter the serial number during invoice or order entry and track it through Inventory history
Stores detail inventory history - receipts and issues - including serial numbers
Select Quantity Break Pricing or Customer Level Pricing
Immediate on-line update from other Sirius GT applications
Stores committed from Order Entry and received from Purchase Orders
Automatic generation of Purchase Orders (requires Purchase Order module)


Item Number - 10 alpha/numeric
Description - 2 lines, 30 characters each
Unit Measure - 4 alpha/numeric
Number of Items - limited only by disk space
Serial number - 15 characters
UPC Code - 15 characters
Quantity - 99 million with 2 decimals


Inventory maintenance
Optional COGS & Inventory Account Numbers for Each Item
Optional Tax Coding for Each Item
Optional Quantity Price Breaks
Inventory receipt input
Inventory issue input
Transfer location of inventory items
Inventory receipt list
Inventory issue list
Choice of inventory costing methods:
Average Cost
Last Cost
Variety of taxing options:
Vendor Sales Tax
Direct-Pay Use Tax
Tax-exempt Status
Define item as taxable or non-taxable


Inventory inquiry
Inventory price list
Inventory stock & reorder report
Sort inquiries & reports by:
Item Number
Inventory history inquiry with options to:
display history
search purchase orders (if Sirius Purchase Order available)
search open orders (if Sirius Order Entry available)


Inventory evaluation report
Inventory sales analysis
Monthly inventory issue report


Inventory freeze
Physical inventory worksheet
Automatic year-end adjustments
Inventory year-end evaluation report