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Sirius GT - Construction Accounting Software

Take control of your computer with Sirius Menu and Office Manager. Each pop-up window is a menu of applications or commands that you set according to your needs. You can easily add or change menus, and with the built in password and security system, you can prevent unauthorized access to applications.

Included with Menu's are Sirius Office Tools, a set of applications designed to automate and simplify your day. Use the appointment calendar to schedule, the phone book to list your contacts, or the reminder notices to send yourself or any user on your system a pop-up reminder at the date and time you designate.

To simplify the management of your files and directories, Sirius Utilities offers such features as Display a Text File and Edit a Text File. Plus, through the utilities you can access the mail or pop-up the calculator.

Sirius Menu and Office Manager provides overall control and security for Sirius GT Accounting applications.


Toolbar for quick access to selected functions
Menu bar for quick access to OFFICE, UTILITIES and other frequently used functions
Login and password
Optional password for SIRIUS Applications
Multi-level security system
Each user can maintain their own customized menus
Easily create, change or delete functions or whole menus
Shows company and printer (for Sirius GT Accounting)
Quote of the day at login and upon request


Display and print a file - use to display reports before printing
Edit a file (easy to use line editor for letters, configuration files, etc.)
User mail access on toolbar


Appointment Calendar
Three month calendar display
Daily schedule in free form or by time
Display week at a glance
Generate reminder notices as you schedule an appointment
Print schedule for selected date range
Change calendars to schedule events of other users
Phone Book
Maintain personal directory
Load or update directly from the SIRIUS Contact Organizer
Print phone book sorted by name, company or phone number
Reminder Notices
Maintain reminders
Send a reminder to another user
Pop-up a reminder for any date/time
To Do List
View to do, complete, all
Print one or multiple items
Maintain notes on projects - both to do and complete
Pop-up notes for any SIRIUS application - uses Windows Notepad or Wordpad
Print notes
Access the Windows calculator
Financial Calculator
Money Market - deposit, interest rate and term to calculate sum of principal and interest
Deposit planner - deposit, interval, interest rate and term to calculate ending balance
Future fund - enter sum desired, interest rate, interval, and term to calculate deposit amount
Inflation value - specify amount, rate and time to calculate effects of inflation
Loan payment chart - specify amount, interest rate and term to calculate possible monthly payments
Loan amortization - specify loan amount, interest rate and term to calculate payment and principal and interest by month and year


Access OFFICE, UTILITIES and SIRIUS accounting and menu functions directly from the menu bar
Change default printer for SIRIUS Applications
Run an operating system command
Display a list of current user in SIRIUS
Pop-up help screens (all user changeable)