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The Sirius GT Purchase Order & Sub Management application provides for the generation and tracking of purchases. The system tracks each item you order by type (for a job, customer, requisition, or stock). As you create a purchase order, each item can either be posted to the Inventory on-order quantity, or the committed in Job Cost. As invoices are input into Accounts Payable, the purchase order can be displayed and updated with the quantity and amount, and the inventory or job cost updated with the actual cost.

Inquiries and reports can be sorted by job, inventory item, customer, supplier, requisition, buyer, subcontractor, and status.

Information is consolidated from Purchase Order to produce subcontractor reports. When interfaced to Accounts Payable, purchase order receipts can be entered either in the Purchase Order module or in Accounts Payable. Suppliers are maintained separately from vendors in Accounts Payable, but can be extracted from the Accounts Payable application.


Can be used stand-alone (with just Menu and Office Manager) or integrated
Purchase Orders can be printed on multi-purpose forms or generated using HP Laser compatible printer
Receive shipments in Purchase Orders
Receive invoices in Sirius GT Accounts Payable or in Purchase Orders
Subcontractor Inquiry and Report for tracking
Interface to Sirius GT Job Cost Committed Cost


PO Number - 6 numeric
Items per PO - 190 maximum
Supplier Number - 5 alpha/numeric
Supplier name & address - 4 lines of 40 characters
60 character PO Description


Input new suppliers
Pull existing vendors from accounts payable
Create purchase orders
Update purchase orders
Input receipts in purchase order or accounts payable
Update job cost, inventory
Delete completed purchase orders
Sales tax for direct-pay permit or sales tax paid to suppliers


On-line inquiry of open orders by:
Purchase Order Number
Inventory Item
Selected Buyer
Subcontract in detail or summary by:
Job Number


Purchase orders
New Orders
Confirming Orders
Change Orders
Current transaction journals
Orders and Changes
Supplier name & address list
Supplier master list
Purchase order reports for open or completed orders by:
Purchase Order Number
Inventory Item
Customer Ordered For
Selected Buyer
Contract expiration report
Purchase order past due report
Purchase order detail report
Subcontract report in detail or summary by:
Job Number
Receiving list
Purchase order master list
Purchase order status report
Supplier mailing labels