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Sirius Payroll is a complete payroll system that provides you with easy input; comprehensive reporting including union and benefit reports, labor distribution, and quarterly and annual tax reports; checks; and complete multi-year history of checks and input. Multiple pay frequencies (weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly) can all be processed during one run. The Payroll application easily handles multiple pay rates, prevailing wages, multiple state taxes, multiple local taxes, special pay, standard deductions, and special deductions for each employee.


Multi State and Local tax calculations
Generates required government reports/forms
Handles multiple union calculations and reports
Mulit-Company consolidation for report purposes


Employee Number - 6 alpha/numeric right justified
Local Taxes - 50 per employee per pay period
State Taxes withheld - 10 per employee per pay period
State Unemployment Taxes - 10 per employee per pay period
Entries per employee - unlimited
Pay Rates per employee - unlimited (maximum of 12 will print on the check)
Standard Deductions per pay period - 25 (20 standard plus 5 union)
Miscellaneous Deductions per pay period - unlimited (maximum of 5 print on the check)
Union Locals per employee per pay period - unlimited
Override or Adjust Taxes or Standard Deduction
User changeable Tax Tables for Federal and most States
Direct deposit - up to 3 accounts per employee (we recommend using National Payment Corp)
Payroll Check - click to enlarge
Payroll Check
click to enlarge


Employee master file maintenance
Time card input by:
salaried employees
Time card input/edit/delete
Print time card input
Miscellaneous deduction input
Miscellaneous reimbursement
Tax and deduction overrides/adjustments
Input edit listing
Tax table maintenance
Paid-by-hand checks
Twenty standard deductions allowed plus five area (union) deductions


Monthly wage earnings report
Worker's compensation report
Monthly area (union) report
Monthly manpower utilization
Labor distribution report in summary or detail
Employee master file list
Monthly input list
Monthly check register in summary or detail


Employee summary deductions
Local tax reports
Prints W-2's
Prints W-2's on magnetic media
940 FUTA tax report
Option to delete all terminated employees


Input listing
Calculate and print payroll checks
Direct deposit of payroll checks
Check register
Deduction report
Detailed area report
Summary area report
Labor distribution report
Certified payroll report (form WH-347)
General ledger account distribution with accrued taxes and deposit
Supports two 401k plans (or other deduction nontaxable to employee)


941A report
SUI report
Quarterly tax report by jurisdiction and employee


Employee inquiry
Employee listing
Accrued vacation/sick leave
Check history inquiry/report in summary or detail
Wage earnings history
Worker's compensation history
Input history
Inquiry-detail history
Labor distribution history
Prints time cards
401k History report