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Customize your billings for jobs or projects capturing costs already tracked in Sirius GT Accounting. Produce cost-plus type invoices as well as contract and progress billings. Utilize the Inventory retail pricing as well as labor billing rates by cost code and/or the Time Billing billing rate. Labor, material and four other cost types are available with Time Billing to subtotal on the invoice. Retainer, sales tax, and discounts are calculated as necessary.

Parameter driven format creation gives you the ability to define an invoice format for each account. On-line update of the billing entries allows for overrides and special situations, and invoices may be easily reprinted. An optional history invoice file is available that enables you to reprint any past invoice with ease.

When Job Cost is interfaced, input can be transferred automatically from other Sirius GT Accounting applications through Job Cost. Time Billing can be interfaced to Accounts Receivable. Through Accounts Receivable, Time Billing can be interfaced to General Ledger and Job Cost.


Flexible free form invoice formatting
Import detail costs from Sirius GT Job Cost
Store Billing history and reprint invoices
Pass finished invoices to Sirius GT Accounts Receivable


Billing Code (Job) - 5 alpha/numeric
Phase - 6 alpha/numeric
Unlimited Billing Rates
Unlimited Billing Formats
Fixed Contract Billing
Percent Complete Billing
Time and Material Billing
Inventory Retail Pricing or Cost Plus


Time Billing Job/Phase Maintenance
Enter manually
Transfer job and phase information from JOB COST
Detail Input/Update
Transfer detail from JOB COST
Jobs may be automatically created
Detail input/update
Fixed/percent complete input/update
Transfer retainer
Print detail input
Print detail billing
Print invoices
Print by job or customer
Select date range and/or cycle codes
Reprint option to quickly reprint un-posted invoice
Reset printed job to allow different selection criteria


Summary billing
Detail billing
History detail billing
Summary billing list
Detail billing list
Fixed/percent complete input worksheet


Billing format maintenance
Invoice totaling options
Tax calculations
Overhead and profit calculations
Summary options by cost category
Fields to print
General Ledger accounts for sales
Factor by which to bill overtime
Descriptions for cost categories
Labor billing rates by cost category
Comments for beginning and end of invoice and beginning of cost categories
Delete Posted Detail
Retain detail for easily reprinting previous invoice
Billing rates maintenance
Maintain billing rates for labor and items
Update billing rates from:
Inventory Control
Equipment Control
Recalculate billing detail
Easily recalculate your billings
Select by job or by billing format number