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Organize and control your service department with the Sirius Service Manager/Dispatch.

Service Manager/Dispatch centers around the dispatch screen. Each work order is shown on one line with the current status, current work order and customer. As the technician calls in to complete a work order, his status is updated and a new work order is assigned.

When assigning a new work order to the technician, the dispatcher just needs to drag and drop a work order onto a technician.

Service Manager/Dispatch updates the Accounts Receivable. From Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory and Job Cost are updated.

Produce periodic billings for Service contracts. Generate and dispatch work orders for service calls and repairs. Schedule and generate work orders for inspections and preventive maintenance. Produce labels and envelopes to keep your customers informed and prospect for new accounts.

All this and more is included in the Service Manager/Dispatch. You can track your service costs. Analyze profits by item, technician, category, customer, etc. Pop-up previous work orders. Have the information at your fingertips to answer your customers questions.

Service Manager/Dispatch ties in directly to the Sirius Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, and all other modules of Sirius GT Accounting. Your Accounts Receivable is always up to date, and with the addition of General Ledger you can produce accurate and timely financial statements.


Schedule unlimited technicians with up to three per work order
User defined priorities for dispatch
Print work orders, or queue them in the system
Timely tracking of billings through Sirius GT Accounts Receivable
Generate contract billing by date, cycle or meter
Print work orders or queue for dispatch
Use work order history to track repairs, maintenance
Multiple comment and instruction lines


Technician (Crew) Number - 3 alpha/numeric
Number of Technicians (crews) - unlimited
User changeable titles for Category, Model and Version
Item Number - 10 alpha/numeric
Description - 30 characters
Category - 8 characters
Model - 14 characters
Version - 6 characters
Serial Number - 15 characters
Customer - 8 alpha/numeric
Location - 2 alpha/numeric
Contract Number - 20 characters
Contract Billing Code - 4 characters
Contract billing by Date or Meter
Work Order Billing Code - 4 characters
Work Order Problem - up to 15 lines, 60 characters each
Work Order Service Comments - up to 90 lines, 60 characters each


Input and Update Items
Search by:
Item, Model, Category
Serial Number, Version
Ship To Location


Input and update Work Orders, quickly search and enter the Work Order with multiple comment lines and instructions. Option to print immediately, hold for dispatch, queue to print later.
Schedule the work order for any date and time, select up to three technicians.
Assign a priority to the work order.
Dispatch the work orders by technician, order number, customer
Print the work orders by technician, order number, customer
Generate Inspection and Preventive Maintenance Work Orders
Update completed work order, input time and parts, calculate billing and cost of goods
Print invoices and post to Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Job Cost


Input and Update Miscellaneous Charges for additional one-time or recurring charges to contracts
Update Meter Reading for Items billed by Meter Count
Generate and Print Invoices by date, meter, cycle
Update the Accounts Receivable, and pass invoices on to General Ledger


Inquire into open work orders and work order history
Print open work orders and work order history
Print item master list
Print contract billing list
Print profitability report by item, customer, category, etc.
Print work order history analysis for customer, item, technician, etc.
Print labels, envelopes for mailing


Print profitability report and clear totals and history for year end


Contract or Rental billing code maintenance
Work order billing code maintenance
Service response code table maintenance
Service representative table maintenance

Service Manager Requires:

Accounts Receivable
Inventory (not required but recommended)